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Lazy Fall

Out for Fifty Linden Friday in an assortment of styles, the Pine Ridge Chairs which coordinate with the Pine Ridge Camping set I haven't shown you yet. You don't need to be a camper to enjoy this comfy seating though. It's perfect for any outdoor space. Find it Friday only at {what next}. It is packed full of great animations and props.

Outfit notes and more new homewares goodness coming up soon.

And some asides:

Pearl is the best little kitty. She walks half way across a sim to find me -- through lakes and inlets (oh my). She is definitely the smartest of the Firestorm kitty crew among my friends and I am happy she is my pet.

For those of you that are designers or for those of you that have been impatiently waiting for the mesh deformer to hit SL, there is some sad news. Read about it here. I guess really, we could have foreseen this, but I for one did not.

I quit a blogging group today. I am tired of threats even though presumably not aimed at me. So if you see me wearing items with no credits given, you'll know why. Bloggers DO need to preform their jobs, I agree with that. Designers don't need to yell at the whole group continuously. Enough said.

Poses by: the chair


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