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The Enchanted Queen

This is the Regina outfit from The Library for Enchantment, a new event themed on a different fairy tale each three months. This first installment follows the Snow White story. There are plenty of Snow White outfits in the mix; some naughty, some nice. I am not exactly sure where Regina fits into the theme but the vendor photo is in front of a fireplace and this may be "wicked stepmother attire". Nope, I am mixing my fairy tales -- the evil queen maybe?

No matter. Whatever the inspiration, this is a phenomenal outfit.

I journeyed over to the event (open to bloggers) late Friday eve. I had just posted on the hair from MINA, part of the event and wondered what else might be found. As I was wandering amidst the displays (no booths so shopping is very easy) I spied a gorgeous lady.

Now in truth, SHE was very lovely, but the outfit is what really caught my eye. I seldom IM people I don't know, but I couldn't help complimenting her on the outfit. It turned out it was her design and she kindly passed a copy to me.

The outfit (boots, hat, leggings are all part of the set) falls somewhere between classic and period; it is simply stunning.

You can also "dress down" (well not too far as this is a fancy item) a bit for more everyday adventures. I will show you that styling tomorrow along with some new hair from VANITY that I really love and that is perfect for this.

Meanwhile, mark your calendars for the first of the month.

Poses by: Diesel Works


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