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An Arty Neighborhood

Plans sometimes get put on hold. Other things get in the way, take precedence. I had been planning on making an artist area in the top tower of the Trompe Loeil Villas. The idea was there, but I needed a nudge.

Out for The Neighborhood on SUNDAY, this great artist's cabinet from Cheeky Pea.   That was all I needed to get me on a roll. I combed my inventory for other arty items. Some, sadly had been lost to the database fairy ( I really think "fairy" is too nice a term for the entity that loses our stuff, maybe devil is more appropriate) but some things were still in evidence.

A little of this, a little of that, some shopping and some searching on the marketplace. I was looking for painter accessories (alas some of the missing items) but didn't find what I was after. Then -----

On close inspection and looking at the land impact in the edit window (7) I surmised that the "stuff" inside the cabinet was likely unlinkable. And ya know what? It was. So I now have a lovely can of brushes up top as well as in the cabinet :D. That works.

Sunday is the day. Don't miss out.


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