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It's mid August and things are slow or maybe it is my point of view. Either way I don't have a lot of things that I am jumping up and down to tell you about. And since I go for "credibility" rather than credit (LOL) these pages may have been a bit light of late.

I am obviously writing this ahead just in case I don't have anything else to post in the next few days.

And here's what I am thinking:

I have been looking through the feeds and noticing a lot of arty and DARK DARK DARK  -- or -- LIGHT LIGHT LIGHT photos. I believe we should each be our creative selves and if that works for you? Great.

BUT -- and it's a biggie -- as bloggers who take review copies (and the photos I am talking about were review copies items I am betting) we also have a responsibility to actually SHOW the items we are talking about.

An almost black photo and a note that these (shoes, dress, furniture etc is from "insert store or venue here") really doesn't cut it -- not for the designers OR for the folks reading the blog. Lovely arty photos are nice but many if not most folks read the feeds for INFO and INSPIRATION. They want to know what is new and what it looks like -- and of course if you have some words to go along with your picture that is very good too.

So just in case you are reading this and wondering, "did she mean me?" well -- maybe I did. If you have to reflect and ask then deep down you know that you might be able to do a better job of showing of the items you blog.

Love to be arty? Cool. Put them on Flickr. On your blog? Let me see the stuff I might want to buy.


Indigo said…
I can't stand fashion blogs with artsy pics where you can't actually see the items being blogged. It has the opposite effect of what I assume the blogger intends; rather than being impressed by the "art," I become irritated, unsubscribe, and seek out blogs that clearly show the items.
Anonymous said…
Finally! Thank you!

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