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Late Night Reading

Once again there is newness at The Mens Dept. Along with manly stuff for "real men" there are plenty of unisex items. From Cheeky Pea, we have the Picardy Set which includes bed with book stash, lamp and three different wall-lean posters.

Details are a big part of my personal preference criteria set. I LIKE real nuts and bolts, light filaments and the like. If you are someone who looks up close and sighs at the intricacies,  this is for you. Materials are on of course in these shots.

My lounger is the new VIP group gift from {what next}. Now YOUR deck chair will come in beachy stripes -- pink multicolored for the small chair, wider blue stripes for the larger. I did some sneaky retexturing so that it would coordinate with the rest of this scene.

And that is a great thing. It is very easy to change the fabric, making this  multipurpose seating, not just for the beach.

Here's the best part -- the chair is an attachment.  Wear it when you are tired of shopping and need a break or on a picturesque beach where no rez is in effect.  However you use it, the Anywhere Deckchair is a great gift!

Book, beer, popsicle and soda wearables are included.

A not too late arrival from Second Spaces happily fits the theme of this post -- books included.

Wonderful details that aren't quite as clear in photo form as I would like them to be. You can read ALL the ticket info as well as the grocery list :D. Love it!

Find this also at The Mens Dept. Y chromosome not required for purchase.


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