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Americana OR [insert your country]


If you follow this blog you KNOW I love "quirky". Well here ya go! So creative and so much fun. From Cheeky Pea for Kustom 9 a mailbox that pretty much does everything but give you a pedicure (well not really, but lots of things). You can change the flag to many countries (assumably those represented in SL in some quantity) and of course get and check mail. It is NO mod as it apparently will break if tampered with (well hey, complex is a good thing).  

At six land impact it won't work for everyone, but I would suggest that you really don't need those bushes! This is SO cute. I put it in front of the Trompe Loeil - Shipping Crate Studio which I also love. So that brings the count to 56. That gives even those on a tight prim budget plenty of wiggling room.  It works for me!


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