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Chica Who?

Meet Chica.

Now of course Chica is ME -- well a version of me; a variant of me?  I am not really sure yet.

Not the first sim I have been seduced by; just when you think you know where life is going a fork in the road appears unexpectedly.

This is the center of Asphyxiation Point, an urban role play sim. And while I am looking pretty darn good in my made for RP outfit, I am pretty sure you have noticed the trees in the background!  Gorgeous.

They are made by Hyabusa Design  - Fighting Spirit (97,168,22) and no they are not low prim, but be still my beating heart they are lovely.  This is a Lilac Bush Plant M15 and is fairly new, so check out the store.  

Update: I was informed by the sim designer that he had linked several trees together in this area and I was looking at a GROUP of trees, not one. At default size the trees are 3LI. They do of course increase in land impact when made very large :D.    

My character's outfit is made up of both new and older items.

Items just out are the great Nature Live Sandals for Maitreya (and Slink) from ArisAris.   See a close up and a hud photo in yesterday's post.  My hair is MILVA  by eXxEsS. More info here.

My tiny little beach dress (there is a beach of course and this is a tourist town) is Baiastice's Candy dress in yellow.  The great beach bag is from ISON, modded some to add magazines for my backstory and to make it smaller for easier strolling. It doesn't seem to be available any longer, but it is a great one if you have it.

Now I hadn't planned to MOVE here. But I was strolling in the early morning hours when it is calm and not crowded and found this stylish house to rent. There are many rentals here, mostly all full (I had looked before). But as someone has told me many times, "you have GREAT land Karma", meaning I always seem to find the best places.

So I spent much of the day moving in. It is looking fantastic. If you know your furniture you can see a lot of Trompe Loeil and Cheeky Pea in evidence. The trick was finding things in my not too tiny inventory.  I have 37 more prims to spend. This is a two story six room house and definitely larger than what I am used to. An ocean view and a stone walled yard with very classy neighbors is an outdoor bonus.

So this will be a new experience for me. I am looking forward to it.

Poses by: Vista Animations.


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