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Beach Scene

This is my new neighborhood. No, that is not my boat or even my dock *wink*, but it is a pretty nice area for mainland.  It is a little laggy when you first enter -- I am guessing because most all my neighbors have one (or many) danceballs as well as privacy stuff etc.  But after a few seconds all is well and I can live with that.

It is nice to be on the beach again and in an eclectic area. My spot is small and you will be seeing it over the next few weeks.  That's the good news.

For those of you that zip on over to the Machinima Open Studio Project to take a quick picture of furniture in a wheat field or car in a city -- well those days will be ending soon. MOSP will be closing mid July.

That leaves some of us (/me waves hands madly) in search of photo spots. And honestly that might be a good thing. I know "I" have been lazy this last year. I could always find an appropriate place nearby so I didn't travel out much.

There is something to be said about adventure, and summertime adventure? Even better. So expect to see some travelogues in the future.

My beachy attire is a new release from SLC, the Mesh Beautiful Summer Cocktail Dress. This is the black version. Plain and print summertime colors are also available. It "walks" very nicely and that is always a good thing!

This very pretty and casual long hair is just out from eXxEsS, Milva. Two extensive huds as always as well as materials and non-materials versions.

Poses by: Vista Animations


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