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Slow Moves

Moving from point A to point B sometimes takes awhile. We get there eventually, but the journey is part of the adventure so there is really no need to hurry. Best to just enjoy each day as it comes.

Giant Flickr photo here.

SL12B is underway and there is lots to see as well as gifts to be found on the hunt. Look for blue crescent moons.  From Asphyxiation Point - Urban Roleplay SIM (SLB location) a stellar bike with size adjustments and many colors to choose from. It rides in that nice and easy style. A good stopping pose is a bonus.

There is a rezzable bike in the pack. It really is a lovely prop so get over there and find it!

Top by SLX (part of the Victoria Promo outfit)
Runway Jeans by CARGO
Hair Peggy by MINA
Tote by ISON (nla)

Poses by: the bike and Vista Animations


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