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Passion on the High Seas

It's Arcade time and one of the most fun items to be had in my mind is this wearable boat from {what next}.   There are plenty of great boats to be had. This is one of the rares, but all are very nice and a great getaway for when you just need to chill out.

And speaking of chilling out ---- this  cute new rolled sleeve tee from Ducknipple is perfect for lazy days.  the KKK shirt (I am NOT going to ask what that means) is casual to the max and super comfy.  The top comes with two color change huds with plenty of colors for your wardrobe needs. One is for the shirt WITH text and one for the shirt without.  

While I can see many reasons for the "sans text" shirt when putting together a look -- for me, and for now?  I love the text. It reads, "I want to KI_ _   you". I am am guessing that most gals have been in that teeter totter place a time or two. It made me smile and that is good enough for me.

MINA Hair - Elvire
Poses by: the boat


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