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Brier Garden - Welcome Home

Ready to move? If you love old world romance this could easily be your next abode. In its complete version, the Trompe Loeil  Brier Garden Set for Uber is ready for you to move in. There are even lounging chairs for when those packing boxes get to heavy and you really need a rest!  

So VERY cute, the build also comes in components so you can have garden without house, house without garden, trees, lights -- you get the idea. There is a stream and several outdoor seating areas just waiting for you to toss down that blanket and enjoy the Spring day.

The inside is gorgeously textured in muted neutrals. Tall ceilings add spaciousness to the tiny cottage.

The walled garden is designed for a 1024 plot. The house of course could be used on a 512. 

So zip on over to Uber -- it is really an EXCELLENT round and you don't want to miss out.


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