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Fantasy Faire 2016


Fantasy Faire is a month away. Always enjoyable; always magical and creative -- this is the first year that I will take part as a creator. I have been puttering away with bright colors and complex shapes, daydreaming of what might be my next project. It is good to switch gears a bit and let imagination take over.

For the bloggers among us there are challenges to partake in, one being a trip down Memory Lane.

Happily my blog has a search feature and even after 4200 plus posts, that handy little gadget can usually find what I am looking for as long as I chronicled the particulars and not just jotted down something inane like "isn't this the cutest thing?".

Wandering through the Chic at Phil's Place entries, it seems that I missed Fantasy Faire last year. I have a few posts featuring Fantasy Faire items from "my designers", but no photos of the venue.

Last Spring was a tough one for me. Many virtual life changes, goodbyes, battles and the like. I remember it was sometimes difficult just to get my blog posts done, so it is easy to see how I could have let the event pass by. That's a shame really; it would likely have cheered me.

I do have photos from other years though. 2014 seems to have been my  year to collect snapshots. I can remember the hunt area -- very impressive and fairly mystical -- as well as other places I visited.  The skin in the top photo was a wear-the-all-in-one-layer-and-cut-down-on-lag gift :D.

I am pretty sure I attended the 2013 celebration but sadly I kept no records of my adventures.

2012 was perhaps my favorite year. Mostly I remember the sands of time in the magical desert area.  They flowed so realistically it was amazing -- and remember this was FOUR years ago!   I really felt like I was in the land of hot winds and endless tides of dust.

The sunflower fields were definitely Oz-like. I added those sunflowers to the MOSP landscape. They danced merrily with the sheep and pigs and of course, the scarecrow.

This is the only photo I have of my first visit to the Faire. I seem to remember a steampunk sim that I enjoyed immensely, but beyond that it is a blur.

They are all good memories, colorful times of adventure and exploration. I am looking forward to adding to my virtual scrapbook with this years travels.


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