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Sami hasn't been around much lately but since I needed a partner for some vendor shots she wandered in. Thank goodness for IMs to email :D.

Some folks have good "land karma" (Chic waves hand wildly) and others seem to have a knack for winning on gachas. After she went over to Letluka and bought her new mesh head (lots of days testing to feel if it was 'her') she decided to see if there was anything new in the Pure Poison group gift gacha since she hadn't been there in awhile.

Well there was.

AND ---

She won the ULTRA RARE version of the new high heels (various mesh body versions included in the pack) WITH a huge hud that let's you chang all sorts of part in oh so many ways.

I swear the next time I want something from The Arcade, I am sending Sami - LOL. That girl is blessed for sure. While this is the first ULTRA rare she has won, she has won the rares a couple of times and a the color she wanted other times. That girl really has the magic.

So zip over to Pure Poison and try your luck. There is of course a pay machine next to the group one should you not be quite as lucky as my gal!

Poses by: LAP [nla]


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