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Jellydolls and Avatar Rendering Complexity

Complexity 38237

I saw my first Jellydoll this morning; he was blue. Walking quickly to set up his booth at a popular venue, his outfit was over the 120,000 complexity chosen the other day as my default cut off point.  If you are using the Linden viewer or a new version of a third party viewer these solid color avatars in rainbow hues -- depending on their complexity count -- will show up now and then.

I would have seen one of these colorful single hued guys before but my graphics card is hefty enough that Firestorm in its wisdom didn't think I needed the feature -- and it is most likely correct. Still, when I go to a busy venue (true that is rare) I usually end up derendering folks so that I don't see all the odd mesh body parts floating in the air as they load.

You may have noticed "complexity numbers" of late below lead photos in this blog. My plan is to add those numbers daily -- not to point out super low cost stylings, but just to keep us all aware.

I did some tests both in Second Life and on two Opensim grids. My SL avatar did MUCH better than the Opensim ones -- mostly it seems because of sculpts which I never EVER liked much.  So, the idea of mesh bodies and heads being a huge contributor to viewer lag appears to be incorrect.

It is both fun and instructive to keep that avatar number (Avatar - Avatar Health - Show Avatar Complexity Information) up on the screen while you are getting a new outfit together. I have one pretty but very old pair of earrings that are now in the trash (sculpts).

To learn more about Avatar Complexity using Firestorm, venture over to the FS wiki pages.

It is very obvious that you can look really good and still be seen by almost everyone. A plus for sure.

Outfit info in yesterday's post.


Nalates said…
Good post.

Firestorm Dev's didn't omit the ACI feature. Some features and especially those from the Lab cannot be used in a third party viewer until the Lab is mostly done designing the feature. With Firestorms 4 release per year goal this is the first release since the Lab finished the feature.

No wisdom. Just practical planning.

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