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Advent Report Day 9

It's a good day on the Advent trail. Meanwhile my Advent List post was mightily corrupted the other day. After more than an hour I got it mostly fixed, but trepidation ensues when I think of typing into that same file.  So here's the scoop on Day 9.  Check the list for the SLURLs if you don't already have your favorites landmarked.

Cutest little tree from Snowpaws!   Gotta make you smile.

And a very nice dress from Entice (free group) (standard sizing).

A super cute holiday jacket is out at go!  (pay group) and some candycane stripe sunglasses can be found at Prism (free group)

Over on the boy's side of go! you can find this great warm duffle coat. Sami is wearing the small size which fits quite well as long as you don't mind being a little flat chested. Really though, it IS a heavy coat:D.

There is also a very nice super low land impact couch and chair at Kittycats. It is sized for large avatars and no mod.

Poses by: Vibe, Torridware and A City Animations


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