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Deco Desires

Deco in Grayscale

There have been times when art and style come together to make lasting statements. One of those times -- for me -- was the Deco era.  Bridging yin and yang with memorable silhouettes, bending classic lines with geometric and organic shapes, its influence echos from time to time in new styles that of course aren't so new.

From Tres Chic opening tomorrow:

Asteria Bella sets  - top, skirt and coat in a variety of brights and neutrals. Maitreya and Belleza fits.

ChiC buildings City Loft Skybox with texture change skyline by light switch.  16 x 20 and 24 land impact, it is a classic. Five skies to choose from including clear, clouds, snowy and night cities and Paris dawn.

I couldn't help but adapt my lead shot to black and white "film"; it seemed only fitting. Still, I know you want to see the modern day color version, so here it is.

I am really loving this new release hair from eXxEsS.   Martini is feminine in caps. Flowing but restrained, it too bridges opposites, a fitting "deco" style.  Two big huds of color, materials, plain, and breeze versions are available.


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