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We Love Role Play Gifting

WLRP Gifts

Sami spent much of the afternoon unpacking the huge (really huge) amount of gifts that she picked up at We Love Roleplay (free group needed). We are showing some photos to entice you to visit. The list of gift givers is long and we are both past our point of --- well, we are tired, let's put it that way. So no mention of the wonderful creators that made this possible.

Note that these are just a VERY FEW favorites from a full folder. Some items were Slink or Catwa only, some are very niche role play and many are cross over items that will be welcomed by even the most mundane and "normal day" folks.

Both wearables and decor are included in the gifts. There is jewelry and several camisks, undies and lots of fitmesh. A red ball gown is in the mix too. The majority of items are for the gals (no surprise there).

Definitely a must visit gift bonanza this year.  Find gifts under  trees at EACH CORNER of the sim.

Poses by: LAP


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