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Music Tonight

Music Tonight

I rarely get out to listen to music. Maybe changing that will be my plan for the new year. It's getting closer by the day. 2016 has been a good one; 2017 might even be better.

New releases in this post include the ***ArisAris/BW Gara67 Velvety dress. It comes with a warm fur jacket for those cold nights and of course a variety of textures to fit those end of the year mood swings. Surper good fit which is handy if you choose the see-through lace styles *wink*.

Find it at The Frozen Fair.

Bonita is the new release from Vanity Hair at The Crossroads.  Sleek and stylish with asymmetrical bangs, it is happily "hat hair".  I had to smile as I featured another Vanity Hair "hat freindly style" a couple of days ago in partnership with two other Crossroads releases. I am guessing this would work very well also; so check that out when you are shopping.

Now I have had this fan for awhile. It is one of many color combos, bold and "minimalist" as it title states, it works nicely with an AO for cooling yourself after a fevered dance session or can be used with poses for photos.

You can find the animated fans in a selection of black white and red combos at Digital Eyes .

{what next} Guitar Case Sign

Poses by: HelaMiyo


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