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Architecture as Art

Kaede Cabin

The new Kaede Cabin by Trompe Loeil is impressive. The textures glow in a calm natural manner and the 55 land impact can easily elicit a sigh from folks on a prim budget.  I am sure there will be plenty of lovely decorated versions of this house for you to enjoy; photos no doubt will be plentiful.

I had similar plans. That was until I started camming around the house looking for shots.  There was something about the light and shadows, the sky and the lines of the house that kept me from adding to the beauty. And so I present the house as art.

We don't often think of architecture outside of its utilitarian nature. It keeps us dry, acts as a backdrop of activities and a storage area for our collectibles.

It also sets the energy base for our at home environment.

This is a peaceful house; a place of contemplation and a tribute to the natural balance of our world.

Find it at UBER.


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