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Shades of brown, ink and cast shadows can let us wonder where one starts and another begins.

Four impressive new releases from Cosmopolitan include:

NO.MATCH_NO.AIM hair with texture change band and resize menu (mesh head gals will likely need that; yeah).

[Canimal] Moto Lara in Brown. Other colors are available; Maitreya fit only.

.:AuricA:. Marta Tattoo. With plenty of prettiness up top both front and back, this still looks great as "gloves". Much more practical for riding than jewelry!

My backdrop is the really great rare prize in a big book extravaganza gacha from Mesh India at Cosmopoliltan. The bounty of books total five and a half feet wide and weigh in at 15 land impact.

I love books and this is both a fun photo prop and a cozy bit of home decor. Plenty of smaller book prizes are in the mix, so get over an pull that handle.

Shorts: ED. Obscura Shorts  Dirt Maitreya

Poses by: Eternal Dream


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