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Beer for Breakfast

Beer For Breakfast

There have been times in my life when beer was an important part of my basic food plan -- traveling in Mexico long ago when water was in question for one. I don't believe that I have actually every HAD beer for breakfast, but I am sure there are folks that can relate.

From ChiC buildings at Cosmopolitan, a big kitchen set which includes color change elements (kitchen cabinet wall, paintings and island) as well a brown or gray versions of accessories. It is available in transfer gacha form or as a copy full set.

See the demo here.

Comfy clothes are called for after an all night episode and this stylish sweatpants set from fame femme is just the ticket. Lots of colors to choose from; Maitreya and Slink fits. Find the new Sports Pack release also at Cosmopolitan.

Sneakers by Ducknipple are part of Outfit vs9 (Belleza, Slink and Maitreya)

Hair with texture change band, eXxEsS : MALINA

Poses by: the bench and Eternal Dream


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