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Black on Black

20s and Beyond

Some things old, some things new:

From Amias at Cosmopolitan, Kiera applier for Lelutka in three skin tones. Matching body appliers are at the event.

I have been wearing Hope for some time now. Eventually after much "living with" testing, I purchased the body skin pack (all three colors) for Maitreya. Slink and Belleza are also available.

With no demos for the body appliers and being a demo, demo, demo gal I thought awhile before purchasing. But I can vouch for the seamlessness and overall quality of the body appliers. My photos are unretouched.

Kiera on my Stella head has a bit of an Eurasian feel for me. Very pretty and the face applier comes with a choice of brows, eye makeup and lips -- all very easy to use.

If you have a static Lelutka head you may need to turn off "shine" in the Lelutka head hud.  I don't like shine anyway so that wasn't an issue for me. That step may not be needed in the newer Bento heads.

An apparent last minute addition to this round, find Kiera on an Home and Garden Deco pad just to the right of the entrance.

From Krunglers past releases, the Belinda necklace in Onyx timelessly coordinates with no.match's NO SECRETS vintage hairdo.

My quite superb lingerie is from Big Beautiful Doll.  Maitreya and Slink fits in MANY colors. The applier nylons are especially well done and the fit is outstanding.  So many sexy sets in the shop; you will have fun with those demos! For this style, look for BELLA.

Poses by: Helamiyo from the Don't Break set
for the Heart Shaped Glasses Hunt (Sept 1), a Marilyn Manson/goth/alt inspired grid wide 5L$ hunt


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