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If you are a landowner, there are some impressive new buildings just out. Check these venues to find one just right for you. All fit on a 512 or larger lot. 

From Trompe Loeil at Uber, the Hudson Lighthouse which come with or without base. Definitely eye-catching!

Also from Trompe Loeil but at COLLABOR88 this time, the Amelie Pavillon. Romantic and dreamy; perfect for a Fall wedding!

If you love seeing the "bones" of a building then the Montauk Pavillion from Barnesworth Annubis is for you. Find it also at COLLABOR88.

Over at The Imaginarium (a new Gimme Gacha event) you can garner the Darkstone Manor as a gift for playing the gacha.  Look for the ChiC buildings area. 

And coming to COSMOPOLITAN , the City Victorian 2 with open railed loft that overlooks the interior; think "remodel".  Find it along with a furnishings gacha at the ChiC buildings pad. 


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