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New Guy on the Block

Davide - New Guy in Town

His name is Davide.

From Exmachina and available at both Cosmopolitan and the main store, Davide is the new entry into the male mesh body arena.

I don't normally do "reviews"; items either make it onto this blog or end up in the pixelated recycle bin. But today I am making an exception.

I haven't purchased a male body to date, but I have tried them all. I can honestly say that this is my favorite.

There are plenty of pros with this body, one being that it comes WITH head and a very nice skin. Four skin tones are in the hud. I felt this the most realistic tone of the choices.

One of the biggest disappointments for me in the mainstream male body options to date was the inability to get much of a "beefy" look.   Most designers seem to find that swimmer's body aesthetic to their liking.  My version here has a modified shape, and with some well fitting clothes I could have made additional changes. As it was, I modified the shape to fit the jeans. As you can imagine my male clothes closet is pretty sparsely decorated.

Click for larger view

Out of the box, Davide looks like this. The hud is extensive and while the alpha choices adhere to the "we can never have enough divisions" mantra, the hud is pretty self explanatory.  For those with a high resolution screens, the tiny slots will be difficult to turn on and off, but since most outfits for guys are fairly standard for alpha needs, saved slots should help a lot in that area.

My copy of Davide opened with some apparent skin issues. In actuality, the body had varying skintones happening all at once. A click or two to find your favorite shade and the body and head match perfectly. The skin is very nice in a slightly painterly mode which I like with very well-crafted eyebrows (I am SO picky about eyebrows) and some subtle shading under the eyes which give a very realistic look.

The hands and feet are quite realistic and the flow of calves to ankles is a cut above some of the other bodies (another thing that kept me from buying before).

David comes with rigged blue eyes. I traded those out for some Mayfly Onyx eyes which photograph well and that worked as well as mesh eyes work in legacy avatars -- quite pose dependent.  I didn't try the omega applier layer options; those are apparently being tweaked for better performance.

The biggest caveat that I can mention is that there seems to be NO DEMO. Hopefully that will come along in the future. There also seems to be an issue with the hud initializing when first added. There is a reset script option but while I did reset the scripts, that did not fix the issue. I had to relog and then all was fine.

This is a release packed with choices and at under $4000 for a full Bento avatar WITH Bento head, it is likely the best deal in town. There are still a few issues to work out, but I would definitely keep my eye on this brand.  If you join the free group you can pick up a free Bento avatar. This comes with no HUD or applier abilities and you will need your own mesh eyes, but it is very lovely and for those folks that spend a lot of time naked (or mostly so) a great way to try out the body.

Since this is a brand new body, clothes will be a bit tricky until designers -- well, start designing. The standard size clothing that I tried worked fairly well though, so it isn't a dire situation. And, honestly when Lara first came out there weren't all that many "Lara" clothes either. We muddled through and were simply happy to look as great and SMOOTH as we do.

Pants, necklace and hair are all antique gifts and no longer available.

Poses by: Diesel Works


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