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The eBody Challenge

ebody free challenge 1

Now if you have been following along the last few months, you know that I dusted off an old and almost forgotten alt (bad "mom") last Fall and gave her a makeover. She is looking really good these days.

Along the journey I tried eBody curvy free and altamura Jenny (free), both very nice bodies. She settled on eBody Classic as the most "her". It has been a fun challenge to find clothes that work with the limited big alpha cuts of the free body. Amazingly though she has a pretty impressive  wardrobe.

Still it would be nice to have Omega options and more alpha cuts and to be able to put together an outfit without a choker. To that end, and mostly because I DO need a day off now and then, I am doing my own personal eBody challenge, hoping she will get accepted as an eBody blogger. And yes, of course I could just BUY her a body, but that isn't near as much of an adventure. 

The top photo features an outfit I showed you yesterday by MH Designs (a free group gift). She really looks dazzling. Here is the text from that post so you don't have to scroll down.

The Emilia Dress from MH Unique Design comes in many many fits including eBody shown here. A very classy number. Other past and current gifts are also available.  Free group; a very popular lucky board section.
Choker available here.

ebody free challenge 2

This is her go to casual outfit, again all free; the tank and shoes are still available for sure; I think the skirt was a hunt item.

ChicModa // Kim Skirt // FIRST SNOW // Lara fit works for her :D

*COCO* CroppedTankTop(Grey) S

Amacci Shoes - Taryn (Slink High)

ebody free challenge 3

This is a lovely dress with Maitreya fit that works well with eBody free. Find The Greatest Dress - Tropical at Entice.

So if you or your alt is still in classic body mode ^^ zip on over to eBody and try out the bodies, classic for slimish gals, curvy for well endowed.  Creator kits for appliers are available in the shop also.

The free version comes with a large variety of skin tones. Di is wearing the darkest.

And these are the alpha cuts for the free version. The full version of both classic and curvy come with the normal options of course.

I have more items in inventory to show you of course, but that will be another day. There is just no excuse not to look great these days.

And clapping was heard throughout the halls.

Poses by: aDORKable and ChiC buildings


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