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Desert Light

desert light

The desert changes its mood with the seasons. Monochrome and silent in winter, harsh and barren in summer, welcoming as the first bits of greenery peak from behind rocks and climb out of crevasse.

Fantasy Faire is officially over although the sims will remain up for another week. The builds will turn to pixelated dust and the sims are retrieved and wiped to become palettes for future creators.

Sanoria was created at LEA6 and its remnants remain there. It is truly my favorite place on the grid. Shops are gone of course but the paths, relics and flora remain to be reborn again for others to visit.

The story quest will move over as well as a small treasure hunt. We only need the Sanorian sky for its rebirth to become complete and hopefully the new Windlight system will be finished soon. Meanwhile it is my peaceful place from the hustle and bustle that sometimes becomes my life.

From cinphul @ Cosmopolitan, a set of rocks and artifacts that fit perfectly into the Sanorian landscape.

My outfit is also from Cosmopolitan, the adorsy - Demi Top and pants with color change options. The pants are cropped and banded with a keyhole opening on the sides, a mix of casual and feminine with a good fit and plenty of detailing.

I have had this hair from EMO-tions for some time now, winter if I remember correctly. I loved it but didn't have anything to pair it with. Happily it was a perfect accompaniment to my new styling.  Look for Carol.

Almost together I had a time finding a finishing touch necklace. Finally I tried on the Meva Nani Necklace Silver from last Fall.


Find it here at the MEVA store.  There are four variations to choose from.  Earrings, rings and bracelets are also in the packs.

Pose by: SEmotion


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