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Land of Rainbows Hunt

The Land of Rainbows Easter Hunt is almost over, so tomorrow's post is going out today :D.

The good news is that non-premium folks can now get in -- that's hasn't been the case before unless you were really lucky.  Expect to spend some time. There are 70 eggs and while most are out in the open and some quite large, there is a lot of ground to cover.

Items include lots of bunny themed goods which isn't really my thing, so I will show you a few of the great gifts you can find. There are a few that I missed even though I looked REALLY hard, but you should be able to find all of these shown.

Up top a gorgeous chair from Consignment. It includes a texture change menu.  See previous post for fashion credits.

These lovelies are from Apple Fall.

And this birdhouse from The Art Shed.

This packed full of details Ostara Egg Painting Cart is from Adorably Strange Wares.

Poses by: the chair


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