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Fantasy Faire 2018

Sanoria at Fantasy Faire 2018

Fantasy Faire is open for the tenth year and you are all invited!

There are places to explore, activities in which to partake, games to play and plenty of shopping with special vendors set up to donate your lindens to build a new hotel of the families of cancer patients in Kenya.

I was excited this year to be one of the WorldMakers for the event. Along with a leisurely strollable shopping experience, inquisitive folks can journey on a easy quest to learn the story behind the sim called Sanoria.

quest of the ancients at Sanoria

Find the artifacts, come close, touch --- and let them whisper the memories of the entities that once inhabited the land.  If you played A Steamy Mystery in Terradale, this is similar if a bit simpler!

Read the story and start your journey here. 



It is not a surprise the the sim sponsored by The Looking Glass leads the way in design. Twelve steampunk ships can be found on the top level, six shops around the bottom perimater and the works of The Looking Glass in the main salon of Erstwhile Station, a very fun place to visit.

Erstwhile borders Sanoria and this builder had a joyous voyeuristic  experience watching Marcus plan, build, rethink and build anew. He is REALLY FAST!!!!  Lots of enjoyment there.

Don't miss the arrival scroll in the lounge. listing sims and creators. It definitely had me smiling.

If you are looking for a place to experience that youthful joy of old, Tiny Town fits the bill. Bright and cheerful, it is built with the enthusiasm of the young. 

Need a low lag, fantasy outfit? You can pick up this all in one skin and outfit with various appliers and system skins at the landing points of each sim.  Brought to you by Plastik

Head on over and enjoy! 

My steampunk attire is by Have Unequal and not sold at the Faire.

Hair: TUKINOWAGUMA  Nathan (new)

Pose by: Grafica [nla]


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