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Accessories at Home and Garden EXPO

Orchard Dreaming

Can we have too many H and G accessories?

I am thinking not -- and that includes plants!

From Terrashop at in Sim 5 - Daisies in The Vase and House Plant 1 (a second similar plant on a stand comes in the house plant pack). Both of these items are RFL donation goods.

From Digitize in Sim 1- the Orchard Apricot Tree 4.0 (apple and apricot are also available). A lime tree and a pot with catnip are the RFL donation items.

Table and chair (older) from {what next}.

And for those of you that prefer your leisure times INDOORS, may I present the
Espressomachine M-DS42-S7MDST3V5.1 (wow, that's a mouthful :D). 

Details abound in this multi drink giver. Along with color and use options you can chose to give the drink when completed to the avatar or place in inventory.  Cycle through the choices and then click the SELECT button to begin the drink making process.

Yep, there is a process complete with coffee maker sounds. When the drink is complete, it disappears and is given to the avatar that chose the drink. Wearing the drink adds a nice drinking animation and when you have had your fill, a message appears that your drink is empty (now, I really didn't expect that!).

So lots of fun from the No.59 booth! 

Another bit of technical wizardry is the sale certificate that comes with the drink maker. It fills in upon rezzing.

Oh my we have come a long ways in fifteen years!

Outfit credits here.

Pose by Helamiyo


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