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Farming Virtual Style

farm girl

Farmers.  High on my list of "must have" folks -- especially the ones that follow sustainable, organic practices.   If the Back to the Land bug has ever grasped you in its chompers, you understand the nostalgia that can accompany homesteading.

I have experienced the ebb and flow of farm life, the rooster's crow as dawn breaks -- or other inopportune times of day and night. But if you have missed out in corporeal life, you can still have the experience.

Enter Digital Farm System with a demo site at Home and Garden Expo.

With a full range of animals, plants and other products you can set up your own mini-farm, for yourself or for roleplay.

Like pets and pet plants, your farm props will need water and other specialty items like fertilizer in order to give you food or wool or simply pretty flowers.

The main store is here.

And a side note.

I have lived next to a couple of farms in Second Life, watched the crops and the animals wondering just how popular was this game within a game. Well as EXPO opened DFS was the spot to be. Homestead folks looking for new items to add to their locations filled the sim. So, this reporter is a bit smarter now -- and that's a good thing.

My not new but fun to put together outfit includes:

*LACUNA* Camille Gingham bra applier
Meva Fringes Vest Suede Brown
*KOM - Kale Jeans
Ducknipple: Outfit vs7 - Boots


POST: Old Water Well Pail

Pose by: LAP [nla]


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