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Home and Garden delights with an arty flair -- one coming in; one heading out soon.

From Newchurch @ The Liaison Collaborative, the Doucette Art Deco fireplace  in either white or black. Plenty of style with quiet fire crackle and fittingly low land impact, it could be your next snuggling spot.

And at Cosmopolitan through Saturday, this lovely sculpture from Lucas Lamth, Angelfish Sculptures in Silver, Gold, Rose and Copper. Three LOD versions are included in the pack. I chose the standard version which will work fine for most folks. Land impact 2.

Difficult to believe but this lovely slip dress gift from Witch)O(Craft at the Garden of Shadows Fair fits eBody FREE (how cool is that?)  Along with eBody friendly Maitreya there are Slink and Belleza versions. Another great TeleportHub ($10) group gift. Shoes are a part of this set but do not work for eBody. Maitreya and Slink gals can no doubt use this bonus.

Depending on your use for this pretty little thing, you might just need some undies to go with. Happily Di found some applier undies along with a fun looking top that she hasn't tried yet.  Beautiful Dirty Rich is the maker of this $5 super practical item that was happily added to the eBody hud (woot).

Lovely textures abound in the new D!va group gift (free group). There is an option for a side ponytail and the unrigged hair  comes with resizer.  Really lovely, this doesn't have the longest LODs so best for intimate engagements (hence pairing with the slipdress). 

These smashing attention getting earrings are a SLO&F group gift (free group) from ALTER at The SENSE Event.  They are very oversized and I have made them smaller here. Happily they come with the traditional resize script. You will need to reposition them also. Think of it as a skill building exercise. They are worth the extra steps.

Poses by: Le Poppycock and aDORKable


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