An Evening Respite

emozine and grass

It's easy to forget how important poses and animations are to our virtual world. Anyone who has beta tested a new platform will recognize how odd we feel when we can't "move" as we would like.

Tomorrow is your last day to pick up the pose from EMOZINE @ Cosmopolitan. After that a new round begins, but I am guessing this "Once in your Live" pose will be available in world and Marketplace -- so test if you are tardy shopping.

There is a story behind this outfit. It was made for a photo contest that I decided NOT to enter after I visited the sim LOL.   Oh well. I had a great time putting the look together and this pose definitely highlights the Baiastice Circle Sandals which I loved but have been hanging around my "to blog" folder for way too long.

Also in this shot:

Mesh India Garden Shed
[DDD] Seasonal Sculpty Gift Grass
Asteria "Kim" [Maitreya] Bodysuit - Ivory

Poses by: Emozine