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Bellisseria Car Boat and Plane Rezzing Zones

Airport and large boat dock at Coral Waters

For those of you that don't hang out at the SL Forums, here is a list of brand new rezzing zones, graciously typed in by Abnor Mole :D

Plane rezzing zones

Dogbone Island Municiple Airstrip

Boat rezzing zones Gulf/253/64/21 Auk/149/110/21 Gulf/202/170/21 Waves/151/129/21 Cove/201/231/21

Car rezzing zones (Sections of road you can rez a car on):

For those of you wondering why they are where they are and not in every region, it has to do with Land Impact. We have to be extra careful to reserve enough Land Impact on the main parcel to support the LI of everyone's houses. So we placed most of these rezzing areas in regions with no resident homes in them for now. -- Abnor Mole


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