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New Linden Homes at Bellisseria

A bit over 24 hours now since the 2019 Linden Homes (and houseboats) opened to the public.  I was among the first over (maybe number 25 or so) and have a lovely beachfront lot with picket fence and endless ocean view.  It has been great fun watching the flow of green dots on the map and is someone on the forums wrote "never have I seen so many green dots sprinkled across a continent.

Add that that, no yellow for sale signs on the map and it is a pretty good-looking picture.

While the abodes are being claimed quickly there are still obviously area that haven't been opened yet. The dark brown areas are what I call "mother rock" areas with smooth surfaces softened by time. A close friend is living the those rocks as here nearest neighbor - right across from a cute traffic circle on a cul de sac.

The Linden Homes Preview was impressive, but there was no way it could import the feel of the area. As Patch mentioned this was not a cookie cutter installation; streets meander, paths lead to community areas and simple surprises are found without much exploring at all.

For me, it is somewhat like the OLD SL, but of course much prettier and classier, but the comradery -- at least for now -- is certainly evident and reminiscent of times that used to be. To that end, The Lab just announced that ban lines will be -- well, banned. And within the next week rational security orbs will be added to the packs for home owners, available from the mailbox or the life preserve of each lot.

One of the funniest tidbits in my personal world is that all four of the beachfront houses in my sim are the same style. That's not terribly shocking as while there are four styles to choose from, this model offers the most room. What is comical is that all of the house in a row -- except for mine -- have been painted white (again, the house owner's choice).

So today I dug out my old toolbelt from Opensim days and made a front porch out of prims, transferring that into Blender for a sizing sample.  Those 28 prims became a 9 land impact item which not only gives me shade and a great place to watch the boats sailing past, but sets my house a part a bit more. Happily rationalization (within theme) is encouraged on the new continent.

I hadn't really planned on getting a new Linden Home -- but I am glad I did!

You of course need a premium subscription to own a home in Bellisseria; only one per avatar.


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Toolbelt - moi!


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