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Looking Towards the Future - Second Life

What we know -- or think we know; This month in SL.

A  wrap-up of current knowledge on important matters in Second Life -- mostly so that I can go back and reference my tidbits of information in the future. 

Long time teleport disconnects are better for some but still not completely stable. Work and testing is continuing. Many citizens and some techier folks have noted that the issues began when EEP hit the grid. There was one comment from a developer that the same roll out of EEP also contained some Linux code.

The newest comment this week is from Simon Linden from the User Simulator group (see Inara Pey's post for more info)

But not all of The Lab seems to be on the same page.

A quote from "the communications team" via this post at NWN.

From that same post, the team answered the ongoing last name question.

While the delay is not a surprise (there have been many mentions of "working on it" over the last six months) this was as close to a timeline goal as I can remember seeing.

EEP in general is still problematic with long lists of complaints and issues on the forums.  Included in this  lengthy diatribe by Niran V Dean of Black Dragon Viewer fame.

Personally while I am not having issues while still using Firestorm, I hope EEP gets put on a very slow track with the code disappearing from many of the servers until it works well.

While last names are still in the future, disconnects still being worked on and EEP taking a lot of criticism -- the SUPER BIG PLUS for Linden Lab has been --- drumroll please: The NEW Linden Homes.

Watching the dot patterns on the Bellisseria map as new sims opened for claiming it appeared that half the continent had been claimed in less than a day. 

In less than 48 hours both houseboats and houses were claimed. [see official statement here].

A new houseboat area is currently under construction at SSP and just today some community areas (not much room for that) can be seen on the map.

This new "pickle" (Patch's term) will be going south of Myopia Falls.

Somewhere around 500 closely packed houseboat slips will be available (I am guessing next week just from watching the progress) so that all those homeless people screaming "Where is my houseboat?" in anger will have a CHANCE once again.

Be aware that these will like go VERY quickly. Pay attention to the official Second Life blog posts.

There WILL be more homes (many official statements on this both from Patch and Abnor Mole) but they won't be appearing any time in my personal definition of "soon". It takes months. Time to build more styles of homes. Time to terraform and build roads and make a hand-made organically derived communities.

Watch the SSP map (just type in a number like SSP25 to get to the staging area) to watch the progress.

So far we have seen what many believe are trailers on what SEEM to be 512 lots. These have appeared and disappeared along with some green-roofed houses with red "chimneys".  This is all my interpretation of pixels on a map of course. Inara wrote on her blog recently that there might be another Linden Home Preview at SL16B --- and that certainly sounds like a good plan to me. I hope they have enough to show us by June.


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