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Biking Across Bellisseria

From  coast to coast on the new continent -- a few of my favorite snapshots.

My European hour escaped (even though I am not in Europe) began in the late night hours from my home on the beach in Heathstone (west coast). My goal?  My friend's house in Fox Chase across the continent.

Like many places I have lived there was no direct route from Point A to Point B. But with my map close at hand the long circuitous journey was made.  My top photo chronicles my stopping place for the eve, the bridge at Shanty  --- somewhere near halfway -- at least in my mind.

North, East, South, East, North == and the journey continued in the very early morning hours.

Not everyone has a home yet. A few mailbox home-givers refused to present to their new owners, but this creative citizen was not to be deterred, giving passers by a visual treat with smile attached.

Roads twist and turn. Hills offer peddling challenges and visual interest. The new Linden Home continent is truly awe inspiring.  Most new residents have yet to settle in, but some have created homey escapes with their 351 land impact points. I only spotted a few laws broken on my long drive -- certainly a plus.  Bellisseria is definitely NOT a cookie-cutter world and the builders of the project have a right to feel proud.

Outdoor space are different from one another in shapes and size. Some lots have fences as in my neighborhood and others have none. Some of those without built in barriers have added their own buffers, giving even more variety.  

A few lucky folks have lots adjoining park-like areas with the appearance of "double lots".   Rocks and trees mingle in a natural dance in some neighborhoods, in others there is the feeling of a gated community with dictated rules. All in all the environment feels very REAL. 

Within the community housing areas, short distance viewing is the best plan, but those that can may want to opt for super long distance settings now and then -- simply to get a feel for the vastness of the project. 


My outfit hales from Stories&Co. and includes the new Mallory Bodysuit which is available in several hud pack choices. Find it at the newly opened Kustom 9.  A really superb fit, this can be worn under "some" clothes or used alone as swim or exercise wear.  Here I paired with Stories&Co. Ash Shorts (also with texture hud options).

Amacci Shoes - Tahiti Boho Sandals with Straps

Hair: eXxEsS : CUPCAKE

{what next} Sonoma Bicycle - Cream (super easy to use - other styles without flowers are available also).  

Poses by: the bike


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