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Babbage Memories

The final touch on my Halloween build for Babbage, the KOPFKINO - Amaryllis set of table and flower with texture change hud (also mod so you can tint as you like).   Find it at Cosmopolitan.  Really lovely.

And if you are getting into that grayscale October mood, be sure and visit The Cemetery at Quarry Hill -  Babbage Memories

Five stories to be told. Five gifts to be gathered. Explore the quiet cemetery and find the pipemen readers. Tap each on the shoulder to claim your own Babbage Memories.  A seasonal exhibit for the Babbage community and beyond. 

Bed by Apple Fall
House and Pipeman by ChiC buildings

Gravestone by Trompe Loeil  will be available at The Arcade Popup starting on October  7-31. Several styles will be available and include on-off fog and "bones". A great addition to your Halloween builds.


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