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FLF 13th Birthday Bash


It isn't often that your favorite gifts from an event coordinate; like almost never.  Bu this time even the shades of green match. Oh my!

The event celebrates 13 years of Fifty Linden Friday -- which was by my recollection the first of its kind.  There are likely some of the first crew still here and still selling their goods. I can only remember Long Awkward Pose, the goto animations store for many at that time. 2010 was the oldest entry that Blogger could find in my posts,  but with well over 6000 entries the search feature is usually iffy.   

This really wasn't my event in that most of the creators at the event -- except for Home and Garden shops are not ones that I buy from. There was a LOT of makeup so if you love to change your look every fifteen minutes you will be in heaven.

Here is a rundown of my favorites.  I will say that there is a stellar western (as in wild west pioneer) bench as a gift from Trompe Loeil, so be sure and pick that up.   I only grabbed a scattering of the presents (free group needed) so I may have missed some great ones.  


Valentina E. Ellen Ensemble Emerald

driftwood. Soho Panel. 2022 Edition. (this is an Apple Fall family brand)

{what next} Botanical Wall Prints

Mudhoney Milo Pillow set (big set with texture change options on each pillow -- these are separate)

{what next} and Mudhoney are definitely contenders for inclusion in the first FLF group. If anyone remembers others, feel free to comment. I am interested.    


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