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Inventory Update and the Marketplace

Toward the end of June Linden Lab began a campaign to improve our inventories. Since I have lost a few thousand US dollars worth of inventory over the years  I was not happy to hear that. I figured I would be immune to the changes since -- in theory -- my inventory was sorted "as it should be" with lots of folders and not too many items in the folders etc.  ..,

But alas I wasn't even close to immune and I am not alone.    Here is a brief update on the original post I did back in May.  

Now we honestly never know WHEN we lost things unless we remember an exact time when an item was around (hopefully recently) and then it is not. So  I cannot say for certain that the most recent adaptions to the way inventory works were the cause of "these latest" issues -- and there have been many.   Aside from objects I know I had fairly recently in my inventory that are no longer there, there have been permissions changing (not only mine which reverted to full perm but other creators who have had items LOSE permission so that they are no longer mod copy but simply transfer ) and folders moving OH so far away from their previous place in the inventory tree, often levels down and over.

It is difficult for me to wrap my head around how these things so often change. But Monday's revelation was a NEW surprise -- a Marketplace item WITHIN and linked to another Marketplace item disappeared.  Not only was it no longer delivered with the rest of the set, it was also missing from my inworld vendor and was nowhere to be found in my inventory.  I even looked at files from moving my shop years ago-- coalesced files of walls of vendors.  It was even missing there (now).   

Assuming it had completely disappeared from the grid I checked with an alt since I remember she had used the build as a shop long ago. And SHE had a copy!   So apparently it was just MY inventory with the issues this time.  The customer that alerted me to the problem (a creator) said that he had recently lost tons of items he had made -- all just poof from inventory.   Other people; other stories. 

My main purpose in updating this post it to let others know it is NOT THEM. That many people are having problems and when someone tells you "Oh you never actually LOSE things from inventory, they just seem lost" --- it just ain't so!   

May the force be with you.  


Gillian Waldman said…
I had no idea this had even been communicated so thank you for bringing it to my attention! I am going through an inventory clean up now (it takes ages) one folder at a time, and will keep their guidelines in mind. GW.

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