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Weighing Options on the Weekend

A terrific shopping weekend IMO leaves us (well me) in a pondery.  What to buy. What to buy?

I purchased this Cluttered Step Ladder yesterday from Nutmeg. It is lovely and certainly a good value.  Happily the planter comes separately and as a bonus there is an empty ladder for all sorts of other uses.   

It was also an excellent example of land impact versus heavy mesh --- a refresher course for some of you.

ALL the goodness of clutter on the ladder -- rugs, pitcher, books, drape et all   EQUAL  the planter; this in terms of triangle count.    They are both around 175K. Not light by any means but really pretty impressive for the ladder with clutter.    

Looking at it another way, the clutter décor is 8 li in total and the planter is 3 li.  The empty ladder is 2.  

Leaving you with your thoughts on this.   

PS.  I snuk into the FLF Anniversary bash in the very early morning hours (my notebook started playing a television show and woke me up).   I picked up the H and G gifts and there are some good looking furniture there for your perusal. Be sure and watch the LODs though :D.    I will report on my finds later in the week.  

Happy weekend shopping!!!!


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