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Playing Pirate

If you love playing the pirate wench  -- even just now and then (Halloween is right around the corner) then you might want to head over to BlueMoon Enterprise and look for the big red "X marks the spot" prim.  Hint it is fairly close to the door.  This only fits Maitreya and come with texture fishnet stockings and boots.  Fits very well. 

This is part of the Pirates  Plunder Hunt which seems to be mostly tiny things like face tattoos and pierciings and the like. I didn't do the whole hunt, just saw and ad about this cutie on the official website.   

Here is a just posted preview of some more items on the hunt. Again, mostly small things. I do think the earrings are cute!   

::GB:: ST Leather eye patch* (may still be free somewhere in the shop :D)


Pose by: Di's Opera


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