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NEWCHURCH showcase and 25 li Challenge

I would like to say this is all about the couch --- the NEWCHURCH  Renata Couch which comes in both A and PG versions.  It is one spectacular land impact bargain weighing in at 6 with plenty of visual impact. Pillows and couch are color change.     

But for me it is also about the Vleigh Industrial Fireplace which I have used OH SO MANY times in the past. It is definitely my goto modern fireplace.  4 land impact.   

And why am I so concerned about land impact points?  Well I decided it would be a good project to show folks what you can actually do with 25 land impact -- the amount given for the artist skyboxes at ARTSCAPE.  I liked how this turned out so much I am offering this furnished version as an option.    

 Jens Console Table adds plenty of style for one land impact.   

Special kudos too for these 2 land impact chairs from Trompe Loeil, Kiya Loungers. These come in a big pack of colors.  Along with the NEWCHURCH items featured, these are not new by any means. Why I don't remember them and why I couldn't find them in my inventory is a mystery. They are super stylish prim savers.  Not everyone has thousands of land impact points to play with so lots of clapping here. 

NEWCHURCH will be rebranding soon. I know the new name *wink* but I am not letting out the news.  I look forward to reporting on the new look.  

Other items used in this styling are all one land impact or less objects:

FINCA - Aloe Vera spotted
FINCA - pile of books gg *rezz me
[RnR] People Framed - Cosmo 10th Anniversary Gift
MudHoney Deja Pillow
Apple Fall Stacked Books
(Luc.) Stealthy Cat Sculpture, Black
Trompe Loeil - Cobble Hill Pencil Sketch Walkway
Trompe Loeil - Cobble Hill Pencil Sketch Spiral
Atelier Burgundy . Norwich Side Table
KOPFKINO - Blum Books, Wine and Cigarettes


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