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Cosmopolitan Facelift and Anniversary

Every now and then tis good to reinvent yourself (or your venue).  And I am happy to say that Cosmopolitan has done that with style. A whole new build which is much more shopper friendly.  The city stores are now in a large circle at ground level with the biweekly event booths on the second floor.  It is all quite posh and honestly the best round of Cosmo that I have seen since long before I left the event as a creator.  New well-known brands have joined in and I hope this is the beginning of some more exciting shopping over at the No Comment sim.  

There are also gifts, this being the first group of a month long celebration. Many booths have gifts out and I just realized that while I noted many of the shops on the bottom floor I wasn't actively looking for gift crates :D  so I may have missed some.  I will be showing you my favorites as the days go on but MY favorites may not be yours so be sure and stop by.  You will need to have your free group tag VISIBLE with group showing to collect gifts.   

Go forth, shop and gather.  


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