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There was a cute looking group gift out recently. It WAS unfortunately  by a pretty well-known brand that I admire "but". It's that bad boyfriend thing.  I don't care how cute and sexy he is, burned once I forgive -- many times? NOT going there again.  To be fair the same rule applies to gals -- minus the sexy adjective.  So you will NOT see any "advertising from me for that designer :D. You guys do your own investigating and make your own choices on that one. 

Instead I kept looking for group gifts.  I found a new one from S@bbia and when I journeyed over to the store I found a second present (most likely one I missed recently).  Now S@bbia isn't everyone's cup of tea, I know. The items are never skimpy and cater to a more demure crowd.  They are also generic fitmesh so they naturally don't fit as closely to the body as clothes made for the specific brands.  

Still, I think this store and creator deserve some kudos. There have always been consistent gifts, always free. They are also in part "wearable demos" (we used to have a LOT of those about fifteen years ago) so you can buy packs if you like. One big plus for folks with "off-brand" bodies is that they come with alphas. So BOM bodies are set even if you don't have a lot of alpha cut slot choices.

I got Lani out of the closet.    I rarely make anything these days that needs complex testing so the beta grid is not a big deal any longer. She was still wearing December garb and it IS Spring so a clothing change is in order. 

Her outfit comes with an oversized V neck bulky cardigan which was not a big hit although it might look great with some tight jeans.  The top is especially nice I think.  

So here is a thank you to Jury Gothly as well as other creators who think about the new folks.  There are tons of gifts and winables at the shop too, so a great spot for those just working there way into the swamp of Second Life fashion.  

S@BBiA::Shirred Waist Puff Sleeve Dress (Gift)

S@BBiA::V-neck Cardigan & Side Pleated Skirt (Gift)

Poses by: SEMotion and aDORKable


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