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Saylor Square

I had an adventure in the very early morn a few days back.  I saw an email saying that my object named "object" (^^) had been returned from Babbage. I didn't have to ponder too long to figure out that it must have been my SNOW prim and the Spring had come to Babbage. 
So I zipped over and put back a sand and weeds ground under the back of my building. All good. 

I don't venture over to Babbage all that often but when I do I love to check around the neighborhood to see what has changed. And I found this really nice outdoor pavilion building. Inspecting it revealed it was a Trompe Loeil build from 2018.  Shaking my head came naturally since I didn't remember it at ALL.    

I checked my inventory.  Nothing.
I checked my blog. Nada.  

Hmmmmm.   It had apparently missed dispersal or "I" had missed a notice somewhere along the way.  I really liked this build and thought it might look nice down the hill from the garden. Heading over to the Trompe Loeil shop was in order.   

Now as you might expect there are a LOT of releases out on display, but area search wasn't finding this one and I certainly didn't remember seeing it when I ventured over not too long ago.  On a whim I decided to try one of the rezzer areas. Clicking on a poster near the entry brought me to a rezzer --- and magically,  the Saylor Square building was showing as the choice to rez.  I just love Serendipity.

So now I have it in inventory and we'll see how it fits into the landscape.  
And that is the story of my late night adventuring.   

Also while I was wandering near the landing point I noticed that there are now TWO areas with Superfans items -- so four products in all.  Look around a bit and you will find them.      


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