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SL20B Sign Ups

 The signup forms are up for the celebration of two decades this month.

You can find them here.  

One of the more interesting changes this year aside from many more regions in the mix is the ability for folks to have a SECOND plot highlighting PAST exhibits.  I have done a lot of those and faithfully saved my take ups in folders for "safe keeping". That safe keeping is in quote because -- not so unexpectedly NONE of my past exhibits appeared currently in my inventory.  I have a folder or two with the year and event marked and one item (like a landform) still in the folder.  


But wait!   I kept looking and went to Flickr hoping that I could document at least a FEW of the builds I remember making.  Happily my favorite was listed so at least I new I wasn't delusional.  And searching by the year 2013 I did find a coalesced copy in an obscure folder in my inventory -- but alas ONLY that year's build.   

So -- I have applied for a large plot to remember this very very colorful build from a decade ago.  That was my one and only attempt at actual twisted mesh rope (well there was a planter later but definitely not as hard LOL).   

Looking forward to something spectacular. 


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