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Snow Country

As the weather begins its blustery entry into winter mode I typically get a hankering for snow. VIRTUAL snow of course not the messy corporeal kind. Through the window is fine of course but not the aftermath of mud and such. This year is supposed to be warm in my little corner of the world and so far that prediction is holding with mums happily blooming and nasturtium greenery looking healthy. This is NOT the norm. 

Around Thanksgiving I typically start hunting for a rental for those "cold" months. Sometimes I find a great place like Snow globe a few year back where many of the forum home stylist took part decorating our small abodes.  

This year I am counting myself supremely lucky in noticing a forum post not long after it appeared.  This is mainland but amazingly the rental abilities even include setting your own EEP (which I haven't done yet).  700 land impact for 350 a week which about as cheap as I have seen. Parcels have buffers between areas.  

So if you are looking for a white holiday parcel check out SEAFELD.   Then landlord said there were other plots available but this one suited me just fine.   Lots have houses which can be removed. 

By the time this posts I will have changed out the house here. I REALLY like this Trompe Loeil - Knoxlane Cottage with snow. It is so cute with lots of great exterior features but it is just too darn big for me.   So we will see.   

This has definitely been a Trompe Loeil week. Not my intention to spam ya, just not much else that I have found of interest.    

An update on my progress will be coming soon. 


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