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Dancing Pixels

If you need a break  in the hustle and bustle of the holidays -- yes, even though it is just beginning, I suggest a trip over to The Kondon Art Center where the work of by Hermes Kondor is currently displayed in a beautiful garden setting.  Dark skies show off the animated works  -- ones that reminded me of my childhood fascination with kaleidoscopes.   

These works are much more sophisticated that pieces of rocks reflecting with mirrors but somehow and for me they seem connected. It may be the mystical quality.   

There are a couple of articles this week over at New World Notes, a site I visit now and then.  They are asking questions about AI, creativity and the metaverse.  Personally I am a bit afraid; not of the science but what it means to the creative process.  I have seen a flood of "art" appear in Second Life over the last year or so, many pieces had very little work involved in their production.  A "borrowed" graphic from the web, a couple clicks in an AI artify program and wow -- ART.    Or not.  It is difficult to fight against the future and in general humans are a fairly lazy species so I suspect the science fiction books of the last few decades have already foreseen the future.  

Still I would like to embrace the beautify of human creation while we have a chance. 


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