Friday Finds

Eat Rice! had a short timed hunt today. Alas it is over. I only found two of the ten items. It was laggy for some folks but I was fine so no excuses there. The rooms are small though and camming was tricky. But what I DID find, I loved. This cute little top came with a skull bow attachment (not so much me) and goes great with my jeans from WRONG. And the GOGGLES! When I found the pill that said goggles, I thought, "oh well, hmmmm". But when I finally unpacked them, I love them. There are actually three goggles in the set. The one not shown goes around your neck like a necklace. So clever. I like the headband ones the best for most of the time.

Anyway, check the store out. It is very unusual and has lots of goodies.

There is a very cute glamorous gold bikini yours for the clicking out front at SYSY's. It was made for Altamoda magazine and you can see the cover right next to the bikini vendor. Fun! Lots of nice looking garments here, so take a peak inside the open air tiki huts.