PXL Creations - Crys Line Review

Edit: Please note that there is a DMCA charge against PXL. You can read about it here.
As of August 10, 2008 I will no longer reference their products in my blog. Old ones have been removed.

It took awhile -- Phil's Place being its own persnickety self -- but I finally got a review pack of the new Crys line from PXL Creations. And I have to say it was definitely worth the wait. I am absolutely impressed :D. Yeah!

I am going to delve more deeply into the great range of make ups et al in just a bit, but I wanted to give you a preview of some of the skins in this new line. I, personally, am mostly interested in the FACE and the faces are lovely. The styles range from innocence to deadly (wink) with "normal" versions mixed in. Each skin pack come with brown and black eyebrows and with and without freckles -- so four skins in a pack. There are two skin tones available with SK being darker. I believe that is an abbreviation for "sun kissed".

Here are some of the looks. These are all the same pose and lighting. Click thumbnails for larger version as needed.

I have to say that this has one of the nicest collarbone shadings I have seen. It looks very natural. All in all the body shading is very nice - not too overpowering but enough for definition. And honestly? I didn't even look at the "private parts". I simply don't care (wink). That is up to you and your partner.

According to the the PXL Creations website, these skins will be available starting the 25th. Here is some additional info from the notecard included in the pack.

Crys is available in 2 skin tones and they come in 5 eye makeups and 6 lip colours. They all come with black and brown eyebrows and with and without freckles. Special with the Crys range is the emo line. A separate small series of 2 different eye make ups (deep eyes & messy eyes) and 3 different lip colours. All skins @ PXL Creations are modifiable, so you can adjust them to your personal preferences.

- Crys skins singles sell at L$ 1500 (that is 4 skins really, black eyebrows with, and without freckles & brown eyebrows with, and without freckles)
- All eyes in one lip colour sell at L$ 5000
- All lip colours in one eye make up cost L$ 6000